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Working at Kids Duo International

While Working with Kids Duo International, instructors can make the most of their time in Japan with a strong salary and ample vacation time. Some instructors choose to pursue a career with Kids Duo International, but instructors who return home will benefit from the valuable skills and experience they received working in Japan. Living and working in Japan can be a rewarding experience, but it's not for everyone. Applicants must be ready for the challenge of living abroad and adapting to a new culture. If you're ready to take on this challenge and you have the necessary qualifications, we want to hear from you.

Life at Kids Duo International

Native teachers are an essential part of our kindergarten. Not only do they conduct all English classes, they also assist Japanese teachers throughout the day. They do so by helping control the students during Japanese classes, joining in and participating during gym class or guiding students how to play musical instruments during music class. Together, teachers ensure a high level of education and make sure our students excel in all areas.

Kids Duo International students are children ages 2-6, and each teacher is assigned to a particular class for the duration of the whole school year. Each school has an additional native teacher, whose main responsibility is to assist with the Learning Stations program and substitute for teachers who are absent.

Each established Kids Duo International school has over 10 native teachers and over 30 teachers in total, which means you are never alone. Native teachers form strong bonds not only with other foreigners, but also bilingual teachers or even Japanese teachers who do not speak any English. Brushing up on one’s Japanese skills, enjoying Tokyo night life, hiking, and playing Futsal or basketball are just some of the activities Kids Duo International teachers enjoy doing as a group.

We would like our instructors to see themselves as the representatives of their respective countries and act accordingly in a fun and professional manner at all times. An instructor's perspective..."Working for Kids Duo International is about making a difference in a child's life and achieving your full potential as a constructive and creative instructor."

Training and Support

Our goal is to take enthusiastic, energetic and creative people and shape them into Great Teachers. All instructors must complete at least a month of OJT training at Kids Duo International before the start of the school year. The training includes OJT in all four age levels and lecture-based training. Throughout the year instructors receive support from trainers and a community of Kids Duo International teachers. Each month, teachers of classes in the same age group have a meeting, which allows instructors to bounce ideas off of each other and seek, or provide, advice on various topics.

Teaching Kids

We believe that students learn the most when they feel that their teacher truly cares for them. Each day, Kids Duo International instructors help shape the lives of their young pupils and motivate them to be the best that they can. Part of YSG's Corporate Philosophy is “to find a jewel within every child and provide full support to make that jewel shine.” Our job at Kids Duo International is to harvest those jewels and make sure that each student is challenged appropriately to ensure their bright future.

Working Conditions

Salary Base salary from ¥250,000 a month. Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on knowledge, skills and attitude. All new instructors will have a three-month probationary period.
Bonus The instructor will be paid a contract renewal bonus of ¥100,000 upon completion of their one-year contract when committing and re-signing for another year.
Contract Aligned with the Japanese academic school year, the contract is for one year (plus any additional time for training prior to the school year commencing) with an option to extend. Permanent employment is offered to experienced, high performing KDI teachers.
Work Hours Regular working hours are 8:30 – 17:30. (eight working hours and a total of 60 minutes of break time) Instructors work five-day weeks, typically Monday to Friday. Instructors might have to work overtime on selected days (paid overtime) in the mornings or evenings.
Holidays and Leave Ten paid vacation days a year after having worked six months and three main holidays in Japan; Golden Week, Obon and New Year. Additional paid vacation day(s) for each extra year with the company following the company’s policy for all employees.
*Christmas Day is a working day in Japan, and as with all working days, there is no guarantee of getting that day off.


Working Visa Visa sponsorship available (Applicants must meet Immigration requirements and must have at least a two-year Associate’s Degree or higher, preferably a university degree)
Training Initial training and a month of on-job-training in the classroom is given to all new instructors prior to the start of the academic year.
All work-related commuting costs are covered.
Health Insurance Health insurance included.
Career Advancement Opportunities for promotion.
Events Instructors are required to participate in all school events. Events that are likely to be scheduled on a Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays include, but are not limited to: Summer Festival, Sports Day, Music Festival.
In addition to school events, instructors might need to work at company events.

Who Should Teach at Kids Duo International

Kids Duo International instructors come from a variety of English-speaking countries, and share a passion for helping students achieve their English-language and life-skills goals. We are looking for instructors who are enthusiastic to teach energetic classes, have basic computer literacy skills, are professional to help grow the Kids Duo International brand, and are creative to find new ways of engaging students. Applicants must have a passion for working with young children and teaching them not only English, but also manners and proper behavior. Applicants must be self-motivated and eager to take on new challenges, such as helping to organize the Christmas or Halloween events or take part in a race or dance on Sports Day. Even though we are looking for experienced teachers, previous teaching experience and Japanese language skills aren't necessary.

Necessary Qualifications

• Must have at least a 2-Year Associate’s Degree or higher, or a valid working visa (Spousal, Permanent Resident, etc.)
• Must be a native speaker of the English language
• Must be ready to work independently and as part of a team
• Must be willing to commit for at least one academic school year (April to March) and the initial training and on-job-training period prior to the academic school year commencing. (Please note that the training will likely be held in the Kanto region.)

Hiring year round. An exciting English teaching position awaits you.


Human Resource Management team

If you love teaching and being around people of all ages, are devoted to creating a better world, and looking to start a new career, or seeking new challenges, we hire year round and would love to hear from you. We offer a competitive employment package with career advancement opportunities, a fun and supportive teaching environment, and thorough training to ensure success in the role.